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Thurston Moore’s 38 Favourite Songs Of All Time

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Tapper Zukie – ‘Man Ah Warrior’

Patti Smith – ‘Godspeed’

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – ‘Orphans’

Mars – ’3E’

Public Image LTD – ‘Public Image’

The Slits – ‘Love Und Romance’

The Raincoats – ‘In Love’

Captain Beefheart – ‘Electricity’

Alice Cooper – ‘Is It My Body?’

T. Rex – ‘Children Of The Revolution’

Archie Shepp – ‘Blasé’

Billie Holiday – ‘Gloomy Sunday’

Nirvana – ‘Dive’

Mudhoney – ‘In ‘N Out of Grace’

Dinosaur Jr. – ‘Little Fury Things’

Jackson C. Frank – ‘Blues Run The Game’

Bush Tetras – ‘Too Many Creeps’


The Germs – ‘Caught In My Eye’

Boredoms – ‘Born To Anal’

Lou Reed – ‘Satellite Of Love’

Beach Boys – ‘Hang On To Your Ego’

David Bowie – ‘Five Years’

Sparks – ‘Equator’

Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘Hong Kong Garden’

The Damned – ‘New Rose’

The Mentally Ill – ‘Gacy’s Place’

Minor Threat – ‘Out Of Step’

Black Flag – ‘I’ve Got To Run’

The Untouchables – ‘Nic Fit’

Iron Cross – ‘Fight Em All’

The Faith – ‘It’s Time’

Void – ‘My Rules’

Negative Approach – ‘Nothing’

Youth Brigade – ‘It’s About Time We Had A Change’

State Of Alert – ‘Gonna Haveta Fight’

Anne Briggs – ‘Go Your Way’

The Fugs – ‘Crystal Liaison’

Jimi Hendrix – ‘Freedom’

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otarafa: gurbet fog reyiz butarafa: Panorama 2013 [13Melek]

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