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Kinoautomat (1967)

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1967 katılımcı demokrasi interactive cinema

Kinoautomat: Člověk a jeho dům (One Man and His House – alternative translations: One Man and His World and One Man and his Jury)
Kinoautomat (1967) was the world's first interactive movie, conceived by Radúz Činčera for the Czechoslovak Pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal. At nine points during the film the action stops, and a moderator appears on stage to ask the audience to choose between two scenes; following an audience vote, the chosen scene is played. The film is a black comedy, opening with a flash-forward to a scene in which Petr Novák (Miroslav Horníček)'s apartment is in flames. No matter what choices are made, the end result is the burning building.



These stories are parts of a series about how scientists are studying cinema for clues about the nature of perception, and how the science might aid film makers as they pursue their art.

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otarafa: Alo, ben devlet! butarafa: Listen Before You Love

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