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Giant collectively controlled game 

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sinema oyun joystick crowd

Giant collectively controlled game of breakout coming to cinemas near you!

MSNBC.com has done a deal with cinemas in the US to replace the dumb pre-movie ads with a
giant, participatory game. The game is Newsbreaker, a simple break-out style game that
rewards you for clearing lines by dropping real-time RSS news headlines, but the gameplay
is the cool part: a motion sensor in the theater allows the entire audience to control the
paddle by swaying in unison from side to side. Check out the video of the gameplay at a
Spiderman 3 opening weekend screening in LA (given what a steaming CGI turd Spidey 3 is,
this was probably the best part of the movie, apart from being harassed by night-scoped
teenagers looking for camcorder pirates). These people are having insane fun. 


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Loren Carpenter Experiment at SIGGRAPH 1991

..."It was like a switch went in my head," Curtis says. "Carpenter saw it as a world of freedom with order. But I suddenly saw it as the opposite – like old film of workers toiling in a factory. They weren't free – they looked like disempowered slaves locked to a giant machine screen. It was a video game, which made it fun, but it still made me wonder whether power had really gone away in these self-organising systems, or if it was just a rebranding. So we became happy components in systems – and our job is to make those systems stable."...

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