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cevap ver  alper   12/12/13

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U.S. Drone Strike Hits Convoy Headed To Wedding Party In Yemen, Killing At Least 13, Officials Say

Reuters quotes Yemeni security officials as saying the wedding party was targeted after it "was mistaken for an al-Qaeda convoy." Additionally, the news outlet cites 15 deaths, with another five people injured in the attack.


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artık dronelar öldürecek

cevap ver  yalanbenim   28/01/14
A new kind of alarm to detect the drones spying from above.
Your New Security System Will Protect You From Drones
"The goal is to give you enough warning time to either go inside and shut your blinds..."

cevap ver  alper   10/02/14
Drone strikes kill innocents by targeting NSA phone data, not people: Greenwald


Retina-scanning drones will make deliveries in Dubai


cevap ver  yalanbenim   10/02/14
An American citizen who is a member of al-Qaida is actively planning attacks against Americans overseas, US officials say, and the Obama administration is wrestling with whether to kill him with a drone strike and how to do so legally under its new stricter targeting policy issued last year.
cevap ver  alper   07/04/14
Art collective aims to humanize drone casualties with massive portraits of victims

cevap ver  c   07/04/14
On a more associative level the mirrored material reminds us that drone surveillance is ultimately people watching people. In a way we are looking at ourselves through sophisticated mirrors.

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