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parallel state

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The "Parallel State" is a term coined by American historian Robert Paxton to describe a collection of organizations or institutions that are state-like in their organization, management and structure, though they are not officially part of the legitimate state or government. They serve primarily to promote the prevailing political and social ideology of the state.

The Parallel State differs from the more commonly used "state within a state" in that they are usually endorsed by the prevailing political elite of a country, while the "state within a state" is a pejorative term to describe state-like institutions that operate without the consent of, and even to the detriment to, the authority of an established state (e.g. Churches and religious institutions or secret societies with their owns laws and court systems).

Parallel States are common in [totalitarian] societies, such as Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Soviet Union, Iran and North Korea, and are youth organizations, leisure organizations, work/labor collectives, unions and militias.


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The edges are no longer parallel
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paralel iki doğru sonsuzda kesişir:

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paralel tuzak
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Kabaca bir dikdörtgen
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biraz da diagonal

"Müjde, paralel devlet en fazla iki yaşında!"

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otarafa: Bilim Bilmiyim butarafa: Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme

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