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Hackers Sue German Government for Helping the NSA

cevap ver  alper   03/02/14

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A group of hackers and a human rights organization are suing the German government for allegedly conducting illegal spying activities and aiding the National Security Agency and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), one of the largest hacker groups in the world, and the International League for Human Rights (ILHR) filed a criminal complaint to German federal prosecutors on Monday. The groups are accusing the German government, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, "of illegal and prohibited covert intelligence activities, of aiding and abetting of those activities, of violation of the right to privacy and obstruction of justice" by cooperating with the NSA and the GCHQ to spy on German citizens, according to the CCC's press release.


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NSA wiretapped 122 world leaders

Target person No. 9: A top secret NSA list includes the names of government leaders who have been tasked as targets. The "Nymrod" database of citations derived from intelligence agencies, transcripts of intercepted fax, voice and computer-to-computer communication, includes 300 references to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Hacker Hymn (Jasmina Tesanovic)

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otarafa: Street Fighter 2 - Oral History butarafa: The Zero Theorem (official trailer)

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