otarafa: Kill Hitler butarafa: yürüyen merdiven çok güzel gelsene
How the Muslim brotherhood, Hamas and the Israeli Right became co-dependants in an abusive relationship

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2012 AdamCurtis save your kisses for me

(hi)story of the israeli-palestinian conflict according to adam curtis:


"Last week there was yet another cycle of horrific violence in the Gaza strip. This week there are demonstrations in Cairo driven by fears that the revolution is being hi-jacked by the Islamists. Liberals in the west look on baffled and horrified. What they thought was a glorious revolution in the Arab world is morphing into something they don't understand. While Gaza is like some brutal other planet forever possessed by hi-tech assassinations and bearded aliens dragging corpses around the streets on motor cycles.
"All this is comprehensible though - but only if you look at it in a wider context. A context that western liberals really don't like to think about because it makes them very depressed. It is the great shift of our time - the collapse of the dream that politicians could change the world for the better. A dream that was replaced by a conviction that politicians were untrustworthy and always become corrupted by power."

@ http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/posts/save_your_kisses_for_me

21 Miles Off The Coast of Palestine

- alaqasız
What is happening in Syria feels like..

- alaqasız
"oh dearism"

- bu da Judith Butler: "Filistin İşgalini Normalleştirmek İşgalcilerle Suç Ortaklığıdır"

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otarafa: Kill Hitler butarafa: yürüyen merdiven çok güzel gelsene

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