otarafa: Kung Furry butarafa: Fransa’da 'Nutella' ismi yasaklandı
Y'All So Stupid

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Y'all So Stupid is a web based series which began on www.Superdeluxe.com which was a comedy video website provided by TBS Networks. It was launched on January 17, 2007, and taken offline on December 17, 2008. The 13 episodes of YSS produced for Superdeluxe were subsequently absorbed by AdultSwim.com. Following a 2 year grace period, the intellectual property of the show was restored to Devin on December 17, 2010. Currently he is pursuing a new mini series called SuperStupid with Mondo Media, and looking forward to bringing Cacahuananche back as a full fledged series as soon as possible.This site is for fans who want to watch Devin's animations & know what's coming up, also for people who might want to know more about what Devin does outside of animation.


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otarafa: Kung Furry butarafa: Fransa’da 'Nutella' ismi yasaklandı

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