otarafa: punk babandır butarafa: Olt (Kenneth Gangemi, 1969)
ARMAGAD (also Tetrageddon Games)

cevap ver  yalanbenim   11/05/16

"Tetrageddon is what the internet does to people."
alienmelon (prior to her untimely demise)

"This sounds edgy, what is this?" You may ask, followed by... "What exactly are Electric Love Potatoes, and what is their purpose? Why frogs? Where are all these errors coming from? Are Electric Love Potatoes even a good thing?? What is wrong with cybermonkeys and why must they all die (or is it just that one)? Who is ARMAGAD and what has it done to my computer? Will I ever be normal again?"

"Will anyone ever be normal again?"

"What is normal?"



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otarafa: punk babandır butarafa: Olt (Kenneth Gangemi, 1969)

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