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inglorious bastards

- I, that... there was a man seeking for an appointment, I called him on Thursday, he'll be here on Thursday...
- Honorable minister, they now delivered the text some way... if I get a chance, I will go to the honorable Prime Minister... because that's how much they disturbed me
- sons of bitches, the inglorious bastards
- he sent me the text, let me send it in a mail, take a look at it and read the content... following that he says, give me 1 Million so that I won't print this or I will print it as is, 3 months ago, I gave a statement at the police station, that Orhan and co... asking for 1 million from me. Now they sent me the text, and they're saying that if you give one million, we won't print it, if they don't get 1 million, they will print it... if you have a good relationship with the bosses, I think you should tell them, if you know them
- I will talk to the bosses, but heads up, this matter is going up to the Prime Minister... these men will use you, will use your newspaper, they're trying to do such a thing, just FYI.

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