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Apache Dance

cevap ver  alper   13/05/18

It’s been called the Dance of Death. The Tough Dance. The Dance of the Underworld. It is violent; it is the infamous Apache.

Apache Dance - Life Magazine by Yale Joel
Face slaps, body punches, leg sweeps, dragging by the hair, choking, and scary aerials — looks like rage set to music!

The Apache evokes images of:

a heated struggle between two lovers
a disagreement between a pimp and prostitute
a member of the rough Parisian street gang, Les Apaches, and his victim
It’s this last example that gave the dance its name. Les Apaches were a brazen gang filled with cut-throat young boys (15 to 22 years old) who specialized in the theft and murder (often at the same time) of high-class French. Strangling, knifing, brass knuckle fights, and shootings were common activities carried out in broad daylight…these were not your friendly neighborhood kids.

from: http://www.swinginblues.com/apache-dance/

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otarafa: robot unicorn attack butarafa: Stardust

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