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10 x 10

cevap ver  kalper   25/01/06

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10x10™ ('ten by ten') is
an interactive
exploration of the words
and pictures that define
the time. The result is
an often moving,
sometimes shocking,
occasionally frivolous,
but always fitting
snapshot of our world.
Every hour, 10x10
collects the 100 words
and pictures that matter
most on a global scale,
and presents them as a
single image, taken to
encapsulate that moment
in time. Over the course
of days, months, and
years, 10x10 leaves a
trail of these hourly
statements which,
stitched together side by
side, form a continuous
patchwork tapestry of
human life. 

Keywords:haber news images
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cevap ver  alper   25/01/06
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otarafa: kardan adama ölüm butarafa: influx insights

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